Zappos Big Believer in Online Video

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package_from_zapposThe ultimate Case Study for online video; believes in video in a big way according to Rico Nasol, Senior Manager on their Content Team. Rico was interviewed at the recent Streaming Media West show where he divulged plans to build out mass amounts of original content in 2010 as well as why video is so important to Zappos.

As you know, Zappos was acquired by Amazon earlier this year for a whopping $840M, which is not surprising based on the fact that they (Zappos) did a whopping $1.2B in sales last year. Rico attributes a good percentage of this success to online video stating that products with accompanying video sell better than those with static images alone. Here are a few key facts from the interview:

•    6%-30% increase in conversions when SKU has video
•    Zappos has 45 full time employees working on video
•    They have 5 dedicated studios (in Las Vegas and Kentucky)
•    They currently have 8,000 videos, producing 60-100 new videos per day, and want to produce another 50,000 in 2010

These are amazing statistics further proving that online video is for everyone with a web presence. Whether you’re an online marketing manager, a publisher, or an ecommerce business, video can and does enhance your business by extending your brand, engaging your customers, and increasing revenue.

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