Online Video a Big Factor in Auto and Parts Sales for the Super Bowl

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This is a guest post written by Alex Polonsky, car enthusiast and the developer of

Traditional television advertising is still the dominant way to get your message across when trying to sell a car. Automotive manufactures are relentless in trying to capture as much air time as possible. The grand meccah of tv advertising would be during the Super Bowl, where manufactures give it their all to capture the attention of about 70 million viewers. While this sounds like a lot, their lasting impact might be low. The Super Bowl commercial only lasts about 30 seconds, and is usually only seen once or twice. Manufactures have now started to release their Super Bowl commercials a few weeks early online, to gain viral support. By hosting their commercials as online videos, they can reach an audience for weeks or months as opposed to just a day or two. Some commercials like this Volkswagen commercial has almost 50,000,000 views!

It’s similar when selling performance car parts. Manufactures want to show their cars being modified and raced, to bring the attention of the online crowd over to their brand. Subaru has gained much popularity from SUbaru enthusiasts uploading videos of them racing their Subaru’s or of their Subaru’s performing incredible displays of power and performance using high performance racing parts.

Here is an example of Ken Block, a famous race car driver, showing his skills in a Subaru, which has over 40,000,000 views!

With auto manufactures going to online video, and car part manufactures relying on viral videos to take their business to the next level, auto blogs are lighting up with heated discussions over the best parts and best cars. The automotive community has never been more alive or more passionate. Dealerships are also getting into it to, partnering with race shops to build one off custom performance cars, and then advertising this car through online video and sharing it on forums.

The future is with online video. Nothing brings the automotive enthusiast closer to the action, turning desire into sales.


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