Ken Block is Back! San Francisco Gymkhana!

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This is a guest post written by Alex Polonsky, car enthusiast and the developer of

Ken Block is long known for his incredible driving abilities using highly modified cars creating incredible stunt action videos. In his latest Gymkhana video, Ken Block is back in the DC Shoes race car and this time he tackles the streets of San Francisco. Many high traffic San Francisco streets were closed down for a while in order to allow the crew to film the event – even the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

This video is available in HD on YouTube, you can check it out here:

Ken Block’s team builds some amazing cars, all are record breakers in their own way, and all use some of the best car parts on the market. The cars usually go through a full race prep that involves stripping the car down to it’s chassis and rebuilding it from scratch using the latest technology. There are videos available that showcase the car prep, and their research and developement teams do lots of evaluation of every part, even down to the evaluation of a short ram intake vs a cold air intake and how it interacts with the turbo setup, computer, and fuel system.

It’s exciting to see the latest videos and it’s also interesting how YouTube is still the premier hosting destination, but others such as Vimeo have gained a lot of market share and are becoming the YouTube alternative.


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