Cloud-Based Video Editing Solutions and Increased Corporate Spending on Hosted Services

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An Interview with Hareesh Vazhaparampil of Mixmoov


By Paul Ritter, Special Contributor to VidCompare


With the Brightcove PLAY event happening this week in Boston, it’s a great time to take a look at the world of video in the cloud and to speak with one of the up and comers in the marketplace. With so many different types of applications and technologies moving to the cloud to take advantage of efficiencies, cost savings and scalability that can be gained, it’s been clear for a while that many aspects of video publishing, hosting and delivery are key areas that are benefiting from cloud technology. Corporate spending on hosted services for video solutions has been on the rise for several years, and is expected to increase steadily through 2015, based on research published by Interactive Media Strategies. Hosted services for business video related technologies and solutions will account for almost $700 million in annual spending in the corporate sector by 2015, according to the market forecast by IMS developed earlier this year.

In the past 12 months or so, technologies that enable video editing in the cloud have begun to gain ground as a component of the hosted services or software-as-a-service (SaaS) marketplace. Some of these solutions are geared primarily toward consumer applications, such as WeVideo (see link) and YouTube’s video editor. Other solutions such as Animoto, and Stupeflix are increasingly targeting the business sector as well as the consumer market. Mixmoov, a provider of online video editing technology that’s based in France, takes a B2B approach for reaching new customers. Mixmoov is a Brightcove partner that is one of many key players in the online video ecosystem that is making the pilgrimage to Boston for the must-attend event in the world of video in the cloud.

Interview with Hareesh Vazhaparampil – I recently had the opportunity to interview Hareesh Vazhaparampil, Senior Product Manager for Mixmoov. Mixmoov has been garnering exposure in the marketplace over the past year, as an exhibitor and sponsor of many conferences and events focused on business-video related technologies and services, including the Business Video Expo conference co-sponsored by Interactive Media Strategies in Miami in February (see video interview with Mixmoov CEO Ralph Pelamourges); Streaming Media East in New York in May, and Brightcove’s PLAY event in Boston in June.


Paul Ritter:  Hareesh, thanks very much for speaking with me about Mixmoov and the marketplace for online video editing technologies.  Can you provide a brief overview of the company and where you see your position in the market?


Hareesh Vazhaparampil:  Mixmoov specializes in Cloud Video Editing. It provides a white labelled, customizable, online video editing toolbox to create and edit rich media content. Media such as videos, audio and images can be imported from multiple sources including third party platforms, CMS solutions, media sharing services, websites, desktops and mobile devices. Videos can be produced in an easy-to-use editor interface with frame accuracy. Produced videos can by published in up to 1080p HD quality to multiple destinations including OVPs, video portals and third party platforms.


Paul: How does Mixmoov differentiate itself in this sector compared to some of the other solutions that are available?


Hareesh: One of the key differences for Mixmoov is that we are the only provider of an online video editing solution available as a hosted service as well as an on-premise solution that companies can deploy behind the firewall.  We allow enterprises to deploy a robust video editing solution internally or in the cloud, that can be fully integrated with their existing workflows for creating content for applications such as corporate intranets, their content management systems, and company blogs or just about anywhere they want. We also provide complete customization, analytics, and support for the white labelled, browser-based video editing implementations of our customers and partners. Though we have a diverse user base, we see an increasing adoption in the prosumer market with the ease of use and integrations with existing workflows that our solution provides.


Paul: What types of customers does Mixmoov have and who are some of your partners?


Hareesh: We are a B2B company and we work a lot with Online Video Platforms. Other clients include telecom companies, media agencies, entertainment & broadcasting companies, as well as mobile operators. A major part of our business is in the US with the remaining spread around the world. We have partnerships with the best known OVP companies in the world, such as:


Brightcove: Mixmoov is a premium partner and we run a Cloud Video Editing service exclusively for Brightcove customers with import from & export to Brightcove


Kaltura: Mixmoov is a Kaltura partner and provides customized Online Video Editing solutions integrated with the Kaltura video platform for their customers (both cloud and on-premise)


thePlatform:  We announced our new partnership with thePlatform at Streaming Media East 2012 for working together to bring Cloud Video Editing to their customers


Twistage: We provide white label integration in the Twistage console, providing Cloud Video Editing to their customers.


LongTail Video:  Mixmoov powers a JW Player branded for a direct to consumer Cloud Video Editing service with free and paid plans.


Paul:  Hareesh, what do you see for Mixmoov over the course of the next year or so?


Hareesh:  We plan to expand our US presence in the near future.  We have many great OVP partners here in the US, and we’re glad to be participating in the Brightcove event here in Boston both as a Premier Partner of Brightcove and as a Corporate Sponsor of the event.  We have several interesting things under development now and we’ll be making some new announcements in the near future that we’ll be sure to share with you.


Paul:  Thanks for your time Hareesh.  I look forward to speaking with you again soon and hearing about the new initiatives you have planned in the coming weeks and months. Have a great event here in Boston.


Paul Ritter is Managing Director of Interactive Media Strategies and Co-Founder of Online Video Research, a joint initiative between IMS and VidCompare founder, Kris Drey. 


NOTE:  Mixmoov is a sponsor of an industry white paper being published by Interactive Media Strategies that will be featured on the website and on partner sites including and



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