What’s Ahead for Online Video?

November 4, 2013 No comments »

This post is contributed by Ellen Serrano of VOPED

No one knows exactly what lies down the road for online video. Growth in online video distribution is still huge year after year, particularly for mobile devices, and advertising dollars are starting to follow the trend.

There are certainly several major trends that will continue to shape the industry as it moves forward, including the following:

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20 Business Videos Under 10 Seconds

October 14, 2013 No comments »

This post is contributed by: Han-Gwon Lung – vidaao.com - @vidaao


A lot of the most famous marketing videos in recent memory – Evian’s roller skating babies, Coca Cola’s Happiness Machine, Fiat 500L’s rapping mum – are all cute, quirky, and hilarious…but all several minutes in length as well.

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, you don’t have months to write a script, consult a screenwriter, hire over a dozen actors, an art team, and a whole sound crew to shoot a business video. Sometimes, you might not even have half the budget.

So, in the interest of saving and producing smart, engaging video content, let me direct your attention to Vines. Vines are short, snappy 6-second nuggets of goodness that are catching on like wildfire among the video marketing crowd, and for good reason:

  • 6-second videos enjoy nearly 100% engagement rate (viewer drop-off starts after 10 seconds, and reaches 20% for 30-second videos).

  • Most marketing Vines are silent and focus on imagery, so you can save on the costs of a script, voiceover, and music.

  • Very few actors, if any, are required. In fact, lots of marketing Vines are just time-lapse drawings or “unpackagings” (i.e. product teasers).

Stream Advanced Media Group (incorporating StreamUK), improves on Europe’s best media platform.

September 11, 2013 No comments »

StreamAMG, the European digital media group which includes StreamUK, released their new and improved Media Platform this month.

The award winning* Media Platform is based on Kaltura’s internationally recognised* CE codebase but this new release further key improvements that make it the most advanced online video platform available.

While most OVPs are geared towards the American market, StreamAMG can satisfy the new “508” U.S legislative requirements and also offer European clients a video player tailored to their specific needs. Add this to excellent client support across several offices in Europe and it becomes clear that the new Media Player is the leading choice for companies based in the EU. » Read more: Stream Advanced Media Group (incorporating StreamUK), improves on Europe’s best media platform.

Closed Captions – What You Need to Know

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This post is contributed by: Matt Laufer – Online Marketing Manager – Encoding.com - @encodingdotcom

What is closed captioning?

Closed captioning (also referred to as subtitling in Europe) is the process of adding text to a video to provide additional or interpretive information. Closed captions typically show a transcript of the audio portion of a program as it occurs (either verbatim or in edited form), sometimes including non-speech elements.

What’s the difference between closed captions and subtitles?

Closed captioning as a concept is unique to the States; Europeans refer to them as “subtitles for the hard of hearing” and deliver them accordingly. There are some technical differences. The practical difference in North America (or Region 1 for all you DVD watchers) is viewers use their TV remote to turn on closed captions and use the remote for their DVD player to switch on subtitles. Most digital TVs make it dead simple to turn on the closed caption decoders. You will need to use the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad to turn on closed captions. Your Android device probably depends on subtitles instead of closed captions.

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Add Value to Your Blog With Video

July 27, 2013 No comments »

A guest post by John Moore

Humans, particularly in our culture, are visual creatures. Pictures resonate more than words. Increasingly, video images resonate more than still images.

Used properly, including video on your blog can establish a more immediate connection with your audience and make you stand out from the crowd. There are several ways you can use video on your blog. Whether you want to convey specific information or tell a story that explains your unique value proposition, adding video content that is shown in an embedded video player to your blog can be a powerful tool.

Promotional Videos

This is a great way to explain the value of what you offer. The idea is to make viewers want to find out more about you, so don’t give away the entire store. Explain just enough to entice further exploration. » Read more: Add Value to Your Blog With Video